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Coordinating has never been easier

Planning campus events can be like herding cats. Make logistics simple by organizing teams around your target schools, departments, office or any other grouping. Store all your tribal knowledge about a specific university, professor, club all in one place for quick reference year after year.

Events don’t have to be scary

Susan, Sarah and Sally, oh my! Remembering everyone at a campus event can be hard. HireCanvas’s mobile tools enable you to capture student information and take notes in real time… It was Sarah who was your favorite, by the way, and she was impressed you followed up the same day you met her.

Let’s make recruiting personal again

2 months, 3 campus events, 200 applications, 35 phone screens, 25 interviews and 6 offers. Only one person accepted!? Ouch. The best way to convert offers into hires is by delivering a personal candidate experience. HireCanvas helps you convert your top prospects by engaging employees and accelerating relationship building.

You can’t improve what you can’t see

Where do your best applicants come from? What is your cost per campus hire? What is your cost per hire by university? Why target 6 schools instead of 4, or 8? Make the process transparent and use budgeting tools to understand ROI per university or even per event to plan the season ahead.

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